Great ways of effective job search, avoiding tricks in the digital age

The rapid development of technology makes the demand for online job search increase day by day. Along with the complicated epidemic situation, more people want to find job from home than ever before.
How to avoid tricks and find jobs effectively in the digital age? – Photo: Internet.
This is also an opportunity for many bad actors to spread news on social networking groups or websites to scam. So how to avoid these tricks and find practical, safe and effective jobs in the digital age?
Employers you should watch out for
"Extraordinary” remuneration
Salary is always the number that candidates want to see first in the job post. Grasping this mentality, many employers have offered towering salaries and extremely ideal working conditions, … in order to lure "chickens”.
Deposit (fee payment) requirement
Many candidates are surprised when they come to the interview and are asked by the employer to pay a fee. However, a well-qualified employer never takes anything from the candidates.
Be sober and tactfully refuse to leave this crazy interview!
Submit original documents
Many candidates are so in need of work that they did not read carefully the terms of the contract before signing, even submitting the original documents. When they wanted to quit, they were harassed, their salaries were withheld, and even their original identification documents were kept.
Be careful in the interview
  • Suspicious location, not at corporate office.

Be careful in the interview to avoid tricks – Photo: Internet
  • Interview with easy questions, short time and super-fast results.
  • Questions are not answered clearly.
  • No need for an interview, you can get the job right away.
Notes on safe job search in the digital age
Besides understanding the signs or tricks of fraud, you should memorize the following principles:

  • Do not arbitrarily click on unclear recruitment links to avoid information theft. Specifically, the links contain strange characteristics or the name is not of any e-commerce platform.
  • Find the jobs on reputable job websites, high-end recruitment units such as HR2B, and official recruitment channels of enterprises on LinkedIn, Facebook, …
  • Learn more about the company as well as the position.
  • Improve networking skills, build a wide network of relationships.
  • Always keep personal information confidential on social networks, specifically:
                + Do not click on strange links.
                + Periodically change the password of social network accounts.
                + Do not rush to trust anyone through social networks.
                + Use advanced anti-virus software.

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