Flexible staff outsourcing – a wise solution for business and enterprise

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Staffing has covered popularly Vietnam over a decade. With constant changes in the economy, it is said to be a beneficial method for small and medium enterprises. What advantages that business takes from this kind of method?

To save businesses’ operating costs

To hire a full-time employee, it is mandatory for businesses to declare personal income taxes, health insurance, social insurance, etc. for employees. However, if you sign an employment contract with a personnel supply unit, you will not have to worry about declaring those information in accordance with the law. This kind of work will be done by that company.

Saving is achievable thanks to staffing outsourcing

If you are a small business with limited funds, outsourcing will help you save costs, more resources to invest in business. Not to mention the cost to hire new employees. This is one of the most outstanding features of outsourcing service.

To ensure work quality

In the case of employees taking sick leave, maternity, accidents, ... Temporary hired staff will help businesses cope with the current difficult situations, without delaying or affecting general work.

Most outsourced partners have their own specialization in the field, ensuring the quality of work, sometimes sometimes bringing efficiency over expectation.

To help business focus on critical activities

Outsourcing will be a wise solution for businesses that have limited resources.    Businesses only hire external staff for subsidiary work and gather up their forces  to boost the main one, which create certain results.


It is necessary to force important activities which make huge value


Outsourcing helps to reduce the enterprises' risk

Outsourcing takes part in reducing businesses’ risk burden

Risk is an unavoidable part of Businesses. Outsourced personnel who are experts in the field of hire, handling skillfully difficulties and crises when encountering obstacles in their work. Therefore, enterprises can keep potential risks under control.

Moreover, it is an effective solution for businesses having fluctuations in human resources due to different projects.


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