Criteria for choosing a quality human resource provider

Nowadays, more and more human resource providers have been incorporated to meet the labor demand. It unintentionally creates pressure and difficulty for enterprises in finding reputable human resource providers. Hereinafter, HR2B will help you understand important criteria to evaluate and find the right providers.
Loss upon selection of wrong human resource providers with poor quality
Choosing the wrong human resource providers, the enterprises will suffer heavy losses such as:
+ Spending money and only get worse: Spending a lot of money but receiving incompetent personnel, affecting the performance of the enterprises.
+ Reduced work productivity: Poor quality personnel cause the whole company to not operate smoothly.
+ The human resource providers do not clearly understand the recruitment requirements of the enterprises. Even they fail to go into details, and recruit the wrong "pieces of the puzzle” for the enterprises.
Criteria for choosing standard human resource providers

Criteria for choosing human resource providers
Choosing the human resource providers is an important process to ensure that you have a quality workforce meeting your business demand. The hereinafter are some important criteria you can consider when choosing the human resource providers:
+ Fields and lines: Choosing units specializing in a specific field and line, thereby clearly understanding whether the human resources are suitable for the lines of the enterprises or not.
+ Complete legal documents: The human resource providers must have complete legal documents such as business licenses, related certificates, …

+ Service price: Being reasonable, meeting the demand of labor resources and the costs of the enterprises.
Reputation in the market: Collecting reviews from the enterprises in the same lines about using these human resource providers.
+ Human resource management process: Requiring the unit to present its labor management plan and process, polices to employees, highlighting the advantages they have.
+ Human resource quality: Evaluating capacity, skills and experience of human resources provided by the unit. Specifically, review their profiles, qualifications and projects they have participated in.
+ Recruitment process: Being strict from screening to testing and selecting candidates.
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