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"HR2B clients are looking globally for strong business leaders in their Viet Nam operations." says Tom Vovers General Director of HR2B. "This matches to the core business of HR2B which is to bring human resources management practices to organizations based in Viet Nam".

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact HR2B Executive Search in Vietnam

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"IRC Global Executive Search Partners clients have access to the combined global experience of more than 250 accomplished headhunting professionals," says Malcolm Duncan, president of the IRC Global Executive Search Partners Executive Board. "Our newest member, HR2B headhunting firm in Vietnam, strengthens IRC's commitment to provide the highest possible standards in headhunting services, across all continents and industries".

HR2B Joins Partnership

HR2B, headhunting firm in Vietnam, has over 60 consultants serving industry segments including Consumer Goods, IT, Manufacturing, Operation, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting and Banking. HR2B headhunters in Vietnam serve customers in the three main economic zones from our offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Ha Noi.

The need for high quality human resources services in Vietnam is increasing in 2013 as the economic crisis drives firms to improve the effectiveness of their talent acquisition and management.

Retained Search

In Viet Nam most HR providers offer ‘contingent’ headhunting. This is where the customer pays the HR providers or headhunters in this case a success fee after the headhunting is done. HR providers compete with each other on speed and quality of matching. Headhunting service works well for middle to upper middle level jobs.

For senior leadership jobs this system does not work well. Senior leaderships roles take a long time to craft. Headhunting candidates is an expensive and time consuming and requires a higher level skill set. HR providers cannot offer these services without the commitment of their clients.

'Retained' Search Services are where the client pays the HR provider a non refundable upfront payment, allowing a higher quality headhunting to take place.

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