5 points to avoid to become a leader pleasing employees

Becoming a leader is a process of constant striving and effort in career journey of each person. However, not everyone is a good leader and respected by the subordinates. Let HR2B help you point out 5 things you should avoid to become a leader pleasing your employees.
Being unable to grasp the work of the employees
Leader is not simply an influential title but also a person responsible for business situations. The employees will value and recognize the skills and experiences of the leaders when they can grasp the work to guide and direct the development of the companies.
Extremely strict management
An extremely strict leader will make the employees always feel incompetent even if they complete their work well. Not only that, when the control is too tight, the employees will feel constrained, stressed and lose their working spirit.

Extremely strict management will make the employees tired – Photo: Internet
A good leader will not need to appear and interfere too much with the work of the employees. Let the subordinates be free to handle work in their own way and evaluate based on the results. At this time, they will feel your trust and respect and strive to complete the work better.
Setting impossible tasks
This is considered one of the points where the leaders most easily offend the employees.
When recruited, most employees are reviewed for their professional skills and attitude which are appropriate to their jobs. Therefore, if the superiors often assign tasks exceeding their ability or being impossible, it will make the subordinates feel tired, depressed and want to leave the companies.
Unfair treatment

Fairness is always a necessary element of a good leader – Photo: Internet
You can become an unrespectable leader if you treat unfairly at work. All employees want to be treated equally, which is also considered the respect of the leader for them. The subordinates will be willing to work hard if they are respected and evaluated well.
Leader with extremely big ego
A leader with extremely big ego is someone who always thinks what he or she is doing is right, not recognizing his / her mistakes and pushing responsibility down to the employees. This will make the employees disrespectful and also affect work productivity.
A good leader will know to ask for the opinions from the employees to solve problems and consider options for a common purpose.
It is possible to judge whether a working environment is good or not by the behavior of the leaders. Win the employees over by becoming a competent and understanding leader.

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