Stefan Poppe Stefan Poppe - Managing Director
Ho Chi Minh
29 June, 2017

As a multinational company who is constantly in search for the best professionals to fill in a wide range of different roles, it is not always easy to find the right company to get this executive search job done. In Vietnam, a country which is really crowded with recruiting firms and services in all shapes and sizes, we chose HR2B to become one of our preferred business partners. And until the day of today, we still feel that we have made the right decision. HR2B teamed up with Volcafe Vietnam to find, on time, the right professionals in different business areas: well-chosen individuals who made the start-up of Volcafe Vietnam a success. HR2B delivered the results in the past, today and we are confident that HR2B will continue to deliver in the future.

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Mr. Do Trung Dung - Synapse Design Automation Vietnam
HCMC Payroll
FDI Sales Team Leader
Mr. On Vinh Duc - DC Technology
HCMC Candidate
Business Development Manager
Ms. Tran Thi Mai Huong - Hoan Nguyen Pharma
Hanoi Candidate
Photo Quality Expert
Mr. Mads Monsen - Mads Magazine D'Art De Saigon
Hanoi Candidate
PR Manager
Ms. Do Mai Anh - Lotte Card
Hanoi Candidate

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