Phan Thi Hai Van Phan Thi Hai Van - Senior Accountant
Dole Viet Nam
13 December, 2016

I have a chance to work with Le Mong Thuy - HR2B, happy on her capacity and enough nice, kind and patience.
Total satisfied about that. Well done HR2B.

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I'm happy and satisfied with staffing service of HR2B
Do Thi Thuy Van - NR Electric International Company Limited
HaNoi Staffing
HR2B has performed payroll services and e-leave services professionally
Nguyen Thi Kieu Nhung - IKEA Services (Vietnam) Co., Ltd
HCMC Payroll
We are pleased with the service provided
Carsten Haecker - Igus Vietnam
HCMC Payroll
Very satisfied with your service
Priscilla Rolver Kellvig - WOCA Denmark A/S
International Staffing

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