Mr. Robert Vo Mr. Robert Vo - Software Engineer
Live Group Company
01 July, 2019

I would like to extend my thanks to HR2B and Ms.Hong Ngo for helping me to find a suitable position.
I hope HR2B can help many more talented candidates find match opportunities.

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HR2B has provided good service to us.
Ms. Ngoc Ha - Maersk
HCMC Payroll
Thank you so much for introducing us potential candidate successfully.
Ms. Phuong Tran - Yello Story Company
HCMC Search
I was really impressed by candidates who were recommended by your company.
Mr. Kim Joon Seong - Posco Daewoo Vietnam
HCMC Search
I'm very appreciate for your support during interview and onboarding.
Ms. Tran Dinh Thao - First Solar Company
HCMC Candidate

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