Mr. Phung Van Trang Mr. Phung Van Trang - Manager of Counselling and Student Services Department

My first impression about Duong is her Professionalism, not only because of her appearance, her voice but her knowledge and customer service also. Thanks to her thorough knowledge in HR field and her detailed information about customers, she can provide Candidates very useful tips and advice. Normally, she does not try to push Candidates but consult them carefully to give the best choice and solution. She really understands that Job changing is one of the biggest decisions in everyone’s life so Candidates fell that they can trust in her.
At the moment, I am one of her Candidate who is still looking for a new job – new chances and new challenges as I haven't found a suitable job yet. However, I believe that with her expertise in this field and her conscientiousness, Duong can support to bring me to a brighter Career pathway!

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I'm happy and satisfied with staffing service of HR2B
Do Thi Thuy Van - NR Electric International Company Limited
HaNoi Staffing
HR2B has performed payroll services and e-leave services professionally
Nguyen Thi Kieu Nhung - IKEA Services (Vietnam) Co., Ltd
HCMC Payroll
We are pleased with the service provided
Carsten Haecker - Igus Vietnam
HCMC Payroll
Very satisfied with your service
Priscilla Rolver Kellvig - WOCA Denmark A/S
International Staffing

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