Mr. Luu Hoang Lai Mr. Luu Hoang Lai - Human Resources
FT Pharma
03 October, 2018

1. Quality of service: 8/10 points, because there were not many referred candidates.

2. Customer service attitude: 9/10 points

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Team Leader, Development
Mr.Sang Huynh - Live Group
HCMC Candidate
Regulatory Coordinator
Ms. Quach Thi Viet Hoa - Oriflame
HCMC Candidate
Med Rep
Mr. Ho Vu Thanh Hai - Neo Asia
HCMC Candidate
HR Executive
Ms. Vu Tinh - International CMB Trading and Services Co, Ltd
Hanoi Search
GM Secretary
Ms. Ta Que Anh - Lotte Card
Hanoi Candidate

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