Gina C. Gonzales Gina C. Gonzales - HR Specialist - C&B
Dole Asia Company, Ltd.

We greatly appreciate your dedicated service to us since 2013.
Totally satisfied with your timely and accurate payroll reports and the very accommodating Ms Lê Mộng Thùy and her team. Excellent service HR2B. Thank you.

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Maggie Tan - definitely look for Miss Le and HR2B. You won’t regret.
Maggie Tan - PENTAX Medical Singapore Pte Ltd
International Payroll
Thu Ha - Thanks for your service
Thu Ha - Windey
HaNoi Payroll
Thiều Quốc Tấn -  HR2B shows us an amazing support.
Thiều Quốc Tấn - Elanco
HCMC Staffing
Amy Mok
Amy Mok - Shirley Technologies
International Payroll
Mavis - Amerigo
International Payroll

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