Cliff Fong Cliff Fong - General Manager, S.E.A
Nord-Lock Pte Ltd
29 December, 2019

HR2B HCMC Team has performed well with timely support to ensure that customers are well aware of the employment and labor laws in Viet Nam!

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I'm happy and satisfied with staffing service of HR2B
Do Thi Thuy Van - NR Electric International Company Limited
HaNoi Staffing
HR2B has performed payroll services and e-leave services professionally
Nguyen Thi Kieu Nhung - IKEA Services (Vietnam) Co., Ltd
HCMC Payroll
We are pleased with the service provided
Carsten Haecker - Igus Vietnam
HCMC Payroll
Very satisfied with your service
Priscilla Rolver Kellvig - WOCA Denmark A/S
International Staffing

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