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Hr2b's client

HR2B's Client is the famous brand in comestic manufacturing and trading.

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Dong Nai
Giang Thi Kim Tien
Giang Thi Kim Tien
Tel: +028 62883888 Ext: 837
1. Design: Design Shipper, Packer, Divider, Pad...
- Get information from final packaging information meeting, estimate package dimension and confirm with Procurement Dept. to identify suitable suppliers;
- Work with suppliers to get the test sample;
- Check sample and modify if needed;
- Send sample, drawings to Japan for approval;
- If drawings approved, send approved drawings to supplier and Product Management and Coordination (PMC) Dept.

2. New Product Control: New products information; BOM meeting; New products sharing information meeting; Confirm standard sample for QA, Production Depts; Roll direction; Procedure; FGs specification
- Update new information: schedule, size, container method, packaging method, …
- Send this information to related departments
- Check information in Bill of Material (BOM) with PMC Dept., confirm components, packaging method;
- Define what new products will be made trial/initial in next month;
- Invite related Depts. for meeting;
- Sharing components feature and packaging method, confirm procedure, confirm blue printing, the other problems related to operation in production
- Receive sample from QA, confirm dimension, assembly and pass to PMC Dept. for standard sample signature
- Confirm roll direction of new Label (receive information from Procurement Dept.)
- Check items in procedure, such as volume amount, filling amount, open torque, sticking label position, batch code position
- Confirm Finished Goods specification created from staff, deliver to related Depts. (Production control and QA Depts)

3. Trial: Check design complete; Pre-trial meeting; Trial; Trial closing meeting; After trial; Stability test
- Make sure all packaging components (Shipper, Packer, Divider, Pad …) are completed before trial;
- Hold a meeting before trial 1 week, confirm components available, QA has inspected, Maintenance Dept. finished tools, announce some note when perform trial
- Follow up trial run, record the problem, give solutions
- Hold a trial run meeting, summarize the problem after trial, give preventive actions;
- Feedback supplier about packaging components problems;
- Perform transportation test, drop test
- Store trial sample and make stability test ( 0, RT, 37, 50 in 1M, 3M, 6M)

4. Testing: New components
- Test new material such as change supplier, change material, change dimension, change printing method. Make report and share to Japan factory

5. Support: Support production, QA
- Support QA, production about problem related to packaging components, testing, investigation;

6. Action plan: Action plan by quarter
- Create General Process, SOP


- Education : University degree, major in material science preferred
- Age : Less than 40 years old
- Experience : 3 years working in packaging designing or developing 2 years working as Team Leader
- Foreign language : Good command in English
- Computer literacy : Good command in Microsoft Office software
- Skills : Management, deadline-orientation, details


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You can apply online, send your CV or call Giang Thi Kim Tien at this number
+028 62883888 - Ext 837

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