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Quang Ngai
Giang Thi Kim Tien
Giang Thi Kim Tien
Tel: +028 62883888 Ext: 837
o Planning / Budgeting:

• Use and monitor revenue and expenses in the factory in accordance with financial regulations of Head Quarter.

• Set up business plans monthly, quarterly and yearly according to the strategic orientation of the company.

• Implementing, directing and managing production activities in accordance to the approved plan / norm.

• Ensure completion of the production plan / targets

• Promote the development and implementation of work plans for each department.

• Focus on target of cost reduction yearly

• Planning the production schedule of the factory to ensure the product quality, quantity and time requirements. Manage and supervise the entire production process.

o In production - business activities:

• Responsible for driving the factory to achieve and surpass profitability, cash flow and business goals and objectives.

• Responsible for the measurement and effectiveness of all processes internal and external. Provides timely, accurate and complete reports on the operating condition of the factory.

• Approve and ensure standards / quality for the design of the production equipment system, build & maintain QMS (Quality Management System).

• Be present in time to deal with accidents / disputes arising at the factory and promptly take steps to prevent / remedy the damages to the plant, the company and the employees.

• Inspect and supervise all activities at the factory to promptly detect any incidents / errors (existing or potential) that cause or threaten to cause damage to production / property / people at the factory. Simultaneously, immediately report to the top management on these incidents / errors.

• Checking, assessing and reporting monthly to General Director/Chairman on the production situation, labor efficiency, production process and abnormalities (if any) at the factory

• Establish mechanisms, policies, regulations and procedures in accordance with the company system.

• Responsible for ensuring the safety and good operation of the fire prevention and fighting system, labor safety, machinery, production lines, mechanical systems and tools of the factory.

• Maintain and improve the quality management system in order to reduce defect rate of the product and increase the efficiency of the use of materials, machinery and human resources.

o In personnel - administration

• Assure manpower plan matching with production demand and high productivity, build the productivity quota of employees under sections

• Allocate KPIs for all staff

• Monitor and supervise tasks performance in comparison with budget and targets. Assess the staff’s performance periodically.

• Lead, make job assignment and propose manpower allocation matched with employees’ competencies and job requirements in manner of effectiveness and efficiency

• Plan and coordinate administrative procedures, systems and devise ways to streamline processes the most efficient administrative procedures

o Others:

• Perform other tasks as assigned by General Director and Chairman


• Working location base in Quang Ngai

• Bachelor degree or a higher education completed required.

• Preferably years of experience as Factory Manager

• An analytical mind with problem-solving skills. Ability to act with high agility and understand a sense of urgency.

• Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities

• Strong management and leadership skill

• Professional communication & presentation skills, both oral and written by Vietnamese and English.

• Able to work self-directed, handle fast-paced work under pressure and meet deadlines with particular attention to detail.

• Literacy in financial statements


Contact Information

You can apply online, send your CV or call Giang Thi Kim Tien at this number
+028 62883888 - Ext 837

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