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Giang Thi Kim Tien
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A. Objectives:
The key responsibility of this position is to develop and implement plans and strategies to build our sales in accordance with the business plan and the need to meet the Company annual financial targets:
1. Has responsibility for the achievement of annual sales budget targets for the local market.
2. Has responsibility for achieving the Annual Value Add targets
3. Has the sole responsibility of AR are achieved without any doubtful collection or any case of bad debt.
4. Ensure the BU’s Budget of max days F.G Inventory is achieved and maintained.
5. Has responsibility for developing and implementing local market sales and marketing plan.

B. Accountabilities:
1. Annual Sales Budget:
a. Prepare and implement the Annual Sales Budget which supports the BU Financial Targets.
b. Lead and follow up on current as well to hunt for new business opportunities in proactive and dynamic approaches.
c. Prepare and implement the Sales and Marketing Plan that supports the BU Financial Targets.
- The minimum requirement is meeting the external Sales Budget submitted in the final P&L Budget, on Monthly and Annual basis.
- The Annual Sales and Marketing Plan is clearly communicated to the Sales Team, implemented fully and the objectives are met.

2. Collection of Payments:
a. Ensure that business transactions are credited worthy, and not do any business with any customers where Company may be at risk of delayed payment / non-payment / customer bankruptcy or a potential bad debt situation.
b. Ensures that updated Collection Due reports are sent on a regular basis monthly to all customers.
c. Ensures the AR are pushed for collection as per the weekly / monthly collection target given by the Finance Department.
- BU Target for AR communicated is met or improved (as per the personal objective in GRIP or as per the Corporate Objective).
- Delayed / overdue payment over 180 days or any non payment of due’s due to customer bankruptcy / insolvency are considered as an under performance on this critical KPI.
- Ensures that company cash flow is maintained as per the BU’s requirements which are communicated by the Finance Department and there is no threat to the working capital of the company.

3. FG Stock Control:
a. Ensure that the BU does not carry any F.G stocks for more than one month of manufacture.
b. Ensure by incorporating internal systems in the Sales Department that Sales orders are issued only for firm and committed despatche to be made to the customer, against firm purchase order from customer.
c. For any F.G stock in warehouse over 30 days, must working on an urgent basis with team and the customer to ensure quick and full dispatch.
d. Before any customer design change, ensure that the BU is not carrying any F.G stock for that customer or Brand.
- The F.G Stocks at the end of the month / year do not exceed 7 days maximum, based on the month Sales.
- There are no F.G stocks being carried by the BU which are over 90 days.
- Finished Goods made by the BU against firm sales order and not despatched to the customer and which lead to an eventual write off, will be consider a serious under performance on this critical KPI.

4. Value Added on Sales:
a. Ensure that the Value Add Target of the BU are met as per the Budget submitted by the BU to the Company Group.
b. Takes prudent feedback from the Technical Manager to work on more cost-effective materials for customers which yield an improved VA.
c. Continuously work on new markets, customers and NPD that will yield better and improved VA’s for the BU.
- Ensure that the BU’s Value Add Targets are met on a monthly and Annual Basis.
- Work closely with the Technical Manager on New Customers and New Product Development.

5. Human Resource Management
- Develop and maintain HR plans for the Sales & Marketing Team to contribute to the achievement of BU strategic objectives
- Manage the performance of the Sales Team through a performance management system to ensure that individual objectives are aligned to team and BU goals.
- Inform clear key KPI’s to sales team, include VA, AR and F.G targets, by month, quarter and annual.
- Annual performance reviews are undertaken for each member of the Sales & Marketing Team, against SMART objectives and the Company management competencies.
- Performance coaching and counseling is undertaken regularly to ensure that annual training and development plan has been “driven home”.
- Salary Review for Sales & Marketing team undertaken annually as per HR calendar.

6. Pricing Policy:
a. Sets pricing based on the strategy for the individual account, prevailing market conditions, costs and target margin etc.
b. Ensures that the pricing policy is in line with the VA Target for the BU.
- Pricing to be set as per pricing guidelines set by Sales & Marketing Director/General Director.
- Price reductions due to competitive pressure must be referred to General Director (GD)
- All tenders are to be referred to GD when establishing price.
- Selling price lists to be strictly maintained.

7. Innovation / New Business Development:
a. Identifies potential new business or products, which are consistent with the BU strategic plan.
b. Coordinates the efforts of the Sales and Marketing team to introduce new business and products to the BU.
- New business plan maintained and updated monthly.
- New business brought in exceeds new business budgeted.
- Plans in place to ensure new business objectives are achieved.

8. BU’s Capital Expansion Plans:
- Forecast accurately the Market Trends which leads to Capital / Technology expansion at the BU.
- Keep the BU Management completely informed about Business Development thereby ensuring that capacity shortfalls are anticipated well in time and new machines and or new Technology is proactively ordered.

9. Policy, Procedures, Integrity and Ethics:
- Ensures all activities of the Sales and Marketing team comply with relevant Acts, legal demands and ethical standards, along with company policies and procedures.
- Complies with all relevant policies, procedures and laws.


- University graduated, preferably in engineering (Polymer) or science discipline.
- 5 – 10 years experience with at least 5 years in a commercial, high quality, manufacturing organization selling and marketing complex products/range with tight margins. (B2B)
- At least 5 years having lead a sales and marketing function
- Evidence of developing a strategy and seeing through the financial results over the last 3 years period.
- Exposure to the Food Industry, global and local FMCG companies is highly desirable.
- Flexibles and/or consumer packaging industry experience desirable.

Personalities / Skills:
- Sharp, able to assess, analyse and synthesise a great deal of information; able to simplify the complex; copes with ambiguity.
- Resolves problems pragmatically; sees issues from new perspectives; understands how components come together. Displays executive wisdom.
- Sets goals, develops plans, anticipates obstacles and develops alternative plans. Co-ordinates own activities and those of others to meet objectives efficiently and effectively. Always achieves more than peers think would be possible.
- Has the physical and mental stamina necessary to meet the challenges of working in a developing nation for a global company.
- Demonstrates a high level of determination to get things done; navigates roadblocks and overcomes obstacles.
- Deals with people in an honest, upfront manner; provides genuine opinions and represents information and data accurately and completely; keeps commitments; behaves consistently.


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