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HR2B's client is a foreign company leading in animal nutrition & health.

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Binh Duong
Supply Chain/ Logistics/ Warehousing
Agriculture - Forestry - Fishing - Aquaculture
Bui Thi My Tam
Bui Thi My Tam
Tel: +84 028 6288 3888 Ext: 853
- Managing all the operational activities and working performance of the current factory and platforms warehouses, as well as strategy of developing new platforms in order to optimize three indicators: Inventory turnover; Platform expenses; and Service level rate
- Scope: all factory and platforms warehouses belonging to Company

- Management:
+ VN platform teams (5 people)
+ Functional on coordination with
* SC related matters with Stock managers in factories
* with VCN warehouses and platforms via VCN logistic executive
- Cost controlling:
+ Control regular and any occasional expenses of the platforms
+ Support on studies for factories for PR validation by SCM and DOP director
- Planning, platform procurement:
+ Develop and update the tool for calculating Weekly production planning and Daily transfer order. Implement the tool with Navision software
+ Follow the inventory turnover and transfer order of platforms
+ Align procurement method with planning manager
- Design:
+ Study on platform network development (new platforms study, opening, etc.)
+ Study platform sourcing strategy (transportation flow)
- KPI:
+ Develop, follow, and give directions for each platform based on Platform KPIs organized around 3 axis: service level, inventory turnover and warehousing cost.
+ Develop, follow, and report for each factory warehouses based on Platform KPIs: organized around 3 axis: service level, inventory turnover and warehousing cost.
- Inventory accuracy scope full Vietnam:
+ Organize visibility on real time inventory
+ Define and animate stock count procedure in alignment with finance and cost controlling
+ Stock counting responsibility (link ERP-Physical inventory)
+ spread good practices, methods
- Ensure the Safety indicator as designed by the company
- Administration:
+ Follow contracts with all suppliers of platforms to ensure the validity, and to negotiate for better prices and services
+ Centralize and Manage global factory and platforms warehouses contracts (forklifts, oil, pallets purchase, etc.)
- Reporting to higher positions about platform performance

- Platform order processing procedure
- Good return handling procedure (from Market to Platform or Factory)
- Good return handling procedure (from Platform to Factory)
- (add factory procedures)

a. Responsibilities
- Manage and optimize platform operational expenses (warehousing cost)
- Understand and explain factory warehousing cost
- Balance between inventory turnover and line fill rate
- Follow Platform and factory warehouses KPIs
- Inventory accuracy (physical inventory versus accounting. Ensure analysis of mains gaps in order to identify and decrease shrink)
Make reports to higher positions on time
b. Authority
- Propose for improvement in human resource, finance and operational activities
- Be aware of all the inventory inflow and outflow of the platforms and factory warehouses
- Evaluate suppliers of the platforms

- Computer/ Laptop
- Telephone

a. Internal:
- Personnel in platforms
- Commercial department
- Financial and Accounting department
- Department of Operation
b. External:
- Suppliers
- Customers


- Qualifications: Supply Chain Management, Warehousing management
- Language: English or French
- Computing: Microsoft office, ERP
- Experience: 5 year experience in similar position
- Skills: Presentation, Communication, Negotiation, Problem solving and Decision making
- Attitude: Open minded


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You can apply online, send your CV or call Bui Thi My Tam at this number
+84 028 6288 3888 - Ext 853

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