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Our client is one of the best company of skincare and cosmetic products.

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Ho Chi Minh
Consumer products
Nguyen Trung Long
Nguyen Trung Long
Tel: +028 62883888 Ext: 843
1. Training Planning
- Develop and build up optimized monthly/yearly training program
- Manage BA training completion status and result
- Plan and implement mothly/yearly training budget
- Report monthly/quarterly training results as well as BAs' feedback

2. Contents Development
- Comprehend new products training materials provided by HQ
- Translate and localize HQ contents to best represent cultural environment
- Create, develop and distribute localized special training materials

3. Offline Training
- Conduct monthly offline product training to all levels of BAs
- Conduct expertised level-up training to different levels of BAs
- Develop and manage various role-playing, award competition programs to enhance the quality of training

4. Online Training
- Manage online training program accounts of new/exit BAs
- Upload training materials including videos, ppts and other related content
- Develop online events and surveys to promote active communication among BAs
- Compile online training program application errors and solve them by closely communicating with HQ

5. Field Coaching
- Choose stores in need of field coaching in cooperation with sales managers
- Conduct in-store training and identify potential area of improvements
Prior to launch:
- Will receive extensive brand/product training in Korea/HQ
- Translate existing brand/product raining materials
- Train office staffs and BAs on brand/product/CS


- Cosmetic knowledge and field experience
- Computer Skills (PowerPoint, MS Office)
- Over 3~5 years of experience as a retail cosmetics brand trainer
- Bachelor’s degree
- Language: English
- Deep knowledge of cosmetology
- Proficiency in make-up skill is preferred


Contact Information

You can apply online, send your CV or call Nguyen Trung Long at this number
+028 62883888 - Ext 843

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