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Ho Chi Minh
Vo Nguyen Van Kim
Vo Nguyen Van Kim
Tel: +84 028 6288 3888 Ext: 822
1. First-tier technical contact with the customer:
- Direct contact with customers to communicate product technical requirements
- Advise and discuss with customer to define details specification, scope, and objectives
- Meeting, do a presentation and persuade the customer to accept solution concepts.
2. Lead the design and development of the product according to the accepted solution concept:
- Convey information to the internal project team about scopes and requirements
- Provide system sequence and automation method, unify ME/EE/SW to create optimal solutions
- Lead and direct the design path to meet functional, time, and cost requirements, also satisfy manufacturability and serviceability.
- Collect and compile product technical document: part list (BOM), machine cycle chart (MCC), schematics, product specification…
- Create presentation and visualization of the products for demonstration, customer interaction, training or documentation.
3. Building prototype:
- Lead the engineering team to participate in prototype mechanical assembly, electrical wiring, and software installation.
- Troubleshoot, calibrate and operate the prototype product.
- Support FAT. Support create manufacturing and testing work instructions.
4. Onsite support for prototype system:
- Support setup prototype system.
- Support customer do product validation and SAT/system buy off.
5. Continuous product improvement
- Create tests method, DOEs. Perform data analysis to check product performance, accuracy, and reliability.
- Collect feedback from all sources regarding reliability, servicing, manufacturability, shipping…


1. Education
- University
- Major: Mechatronics, Automation, Robotics
2. Experience
- Experience in providing automation/testing solution to electronics or semiconductor industry.
- Experience designing automation system, testing equipment for electronics factory or semiconductor fab.
- Experience in leading engineering group (with various disciplines) for design projects.
- Experience in various machining methods, material selection, coating, and surface treatment processes.
- Experience in various system control platforms (PLC, PC based, SCARA), motion control, analog, and digital sensors, communication protocols, and programming.
- Experience working with optical testing, robotic material handling, wafer front end/back end processing or testing equipment
3. Knowledge & Skills
- Strong verbal, written, presentation skill in English to interact with customer/vendor/CMs. Must be able confidently to negotiate, persuade, and convince the customer to “buy in” the design proposal.
- Strong leadership skills to lead and manage the project team.
- Strong analytical and statistical skills for troubleshooting and data assessment.
- Software tools proficiency: Solidworks, MS office


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You can apply online, send your CV or call Vo Nguyen Van Kim at this number
+84 028 6288 3888 - Ext 822

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