HR2B and IRC Global Search Partners Report on Higher Education

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Five Emerging Trends Revolutionizing Global Higher Education

  1. The reduced willingness of western governments to fund higher education at the levels they once did and the necessity for universities to seek new, alternative sources of income
  2. The growth of the middle classes in countries including China, the Middle East, India, Indonesia and the high value their populations place on a western higher education.
  3. The revolutionary expansion of digital education and the disruptive technologies and knowledge-delivery models that now compete for students with traditional university systems.
  4. The competitive pressures universities face related to research, teaching, quality and rankings and the drive to seize new opportunities in each of these areas.
  5. With the "career for life” model a vestige of the past, universities are having to recalibrate the transfer of knowledge and skills today’s employers will find relevant and sustainable given their global business models and the objectives they need to realize through people.

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