2012 q3 Search Activity Report

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HR2B Executive Search Service - Viet Nam Labour Market Knowledge

Customers of Executive Search Services benefit by working with HR2B professionals who take time to understand and explore the labour market for your industry. This means HR2B can quickly understand and anticipate your needs, find candidates faster and suggest Candidates who stay longer.

Viet Nam labour market is constantly changing. The economy is expanding and new industries are forming each year. Whole new cities are under construction nearby Ho Chi Minh City and HaNoi.

The quality and quantity of skilled managers and professionals is changing. Each year people move along their chosen career paths gaining skills and experience. Each year thousands of new graduates join the Vietnamese workforce, many of whom have benefitted from overseas and high quality education.

What do these changes in the labour market mean for you?

If you are an HR2B Executive Search Customer one of our trained consultants will help you answer this question. Part of our service is to provide you with our view of the labour market to help you with your Searching today and your planning for tomorrow.

HR2B Market Knowledge comes in 3 major forms.

  • Job based- When taking a Job Order we can feedback to you our experience of Searching for this skill set in the market. HR2B handles thousands of searches for hundreds of customers each year so our information is up to date;
  • Hot Industries - Each calendar quarter HR2B produces an "Activity Report" we send to our clients detailing what is happening in the world of Search. Find out if your Industry is "Hot" in the market;
  • Hot Functions- Our quarterly report also lists out the functional areas we are seeing the strongest demand. This can guide you in your retention policies.

To find out more download a sample of our free report.

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