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Hr2b's client

HR2B's Client is one of the top automakers in Vietnam

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Ho Chi Minh
Automotive - Motor vehicle - Parts
Ngo Thi Thu Hong
Ngo Thi Thu Hong
Tel: +84 028 6288 3888 Ext: 872
- Gathering external and internal business information to provide insights for annually OP and strategic planning process
- Executing the OP plan with strategic business scenarios and actions plans to ensure business plan achievement
- Monitor strategic product plans including new models, product lifecycle management in line with market regulation and ensures effective new product launching
- Feasibility study, optimize strategic pricing scheme including competitive positioning, proper equipment premium
- Manage and develop long and short term product planning activities
- Managing the product life cycle and correctly locate each product in its cycle to advise the Sales team with suitable sales activities. Perform on-going win/loss analysis to better understand the features that are required for improved sales
- Conduct market research, managing product planning database, consistently monitor market acceptance of products
- Closely engaging product life-cycle management with sales planning, marketing communication, sales management and financing controlling for integrated sales and marketing activities that fit with the product status for better effectiveness of sales and marketing activities
- Developing a sales story for each product model by identifying right customer segments, developing a value proposition, Ensure key product values are translated into customers’ language.
- Cooperate with marketing communication to deliver product value message to the right target customers at the right place, right time and right ways
- Support sales training by initiating sales-related documents for all current and potential products
- Final quality gate of all communication on products to Dealer or Press
- Conducting a value map analysis for a new product to identify the right product and right price positioning that match with customers’ expectation and become a competitive advantage Manage and develop a pricing plan
- Developing a sales story for a new product by identifying demand priorities of targeted customer segments, developing value proposition that matches with their priorities. Ensure key product values are translated into customers’ language and become a
“must have” knowledge for MBV sales & marketing team, dealers and their Sales Consultants
- Engage with Ordering team/ MO team, marketing team and sales team for an integrated sales and marketing programs to support the new product launch successfully
- Developing the New Product Launching Process with detail execution steps, key measurements and engaging other functions for an effective new product launch.
- And improving the process if needed to fit with the situation for an effective New Product Launch
- Ensure MBV products secure proper price positioning and contribution margin
- Identify optimal entry pricing for new products, plan effective responses to competitive action and expand profit horizons through customer segmentation, price management, and strategic pricing
- Recommend pricing strategy, discover pricing opportunities and propose pricing decisions to have competitive price and maximize contribution margin
- Observing the movements of competition
- Tracking monthly activities of competitors’ products, price, sales programs
- Monthly tracking sales result and market share of competitors
- Making a comparison of product value and price between MB cars and competitors’
- Understanding team members’ career objectives
- Identify competency gap to achieve career objectives
- Provide coaching and career orientation for the team to close the competency gap
- Building and retaining a strong pool of talents with potential successors
- Plan FTE according to OP plan
- Manage G&A budget and ensure department adheres to it


o Education
- University degree in Economics, Business Administration, Marketing or equivalent
o Experience (a type of)
- Minimum 5 years experience in Product Management/ Sales and Marketing in the Automotive industry
- Excellent in Analytical skills, Communication skills, Business judgment
- Flexibility and Adaptable, Leadership abilities, Decisiveness, Problem-solving abilities, Integrity
o Specific knowledge
- Good interpersonal skills and high team-working spirit, excellent at written and spoken Vietnamese and English, be confident and be able to work independently, ability to work under high pressure, willing to travel, good PC skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


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You can apply online, send your CV or call Ngo Thi Thu Hong at this number
+84 028 6288 3888 - Ext 872

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