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Bui Thi My Tam
Bui Thi My Tam
Tel: +84 028 6288 3888 Ext: 853
1. Lead and support the implementation of the LeanTPM framework:
- Establish baseline 6 Lean Fundamentals following a standardised approach
- Uncompromising elimination of waste and progress towards JIT supply chain methods
- Deliver audit requirements, action plans and ensure sustainability
2. Lead and support integrated tactical implementation plans with specific focus on TPM elements:
- Ensure data is used to help prioritise activities and objectives via the 8 TPM pillars and 6 Lean Fundamentals
- Communicate across whole workforce to ensure training/activities are evaluated
- Celebrate and communicate successful outcomes
3. Support pillar objective setting by reviewing against strategy and targets:
- Ensure targets are supported by LeanTPM
- Provide resource and skills to support team activities
- Clarify expected returns, measure and review regularly
- Establish common governance model, coordinate and attend relevant
4. Facilitate workshops, activities and training:
- Lead pilot activities to demonstrate to teams what is involved
- Develop training and roll-out plan for pillar and activity leaders and others
- Develop delivery materials to allow structured, consistent and effective activities
5. Support all employees in terms of LeanTPM skills development:
- Lead by example, provide direction and support to pillar leaders and senior mgt
- Develop the understanding of LeanTPM across all levels of the organisation
- Coach and mentor everyone during implementation of LeanTPM tools and techniques


1. Personal Skills & Competencies:
- Good leader with the ability to influence others.
- Dedicated to LeanTPM and achieving long term strategic objectives.
- Able to drive the TPM implementation elements across the site.
- Able to prioritise and manage resources/budgets effectively.
- Able to lead culture change and engage others, does not ignore a problem.
- Able to lead and facilitate a group to create effective working relationships within teams.
- Good communicator who can coach and mentor leaders and team members
- Good level of English language, literacy and numeric skills ,including presentation skills
2. Functional Skills, & Experience:
- Has sound knowledge and experience of end to end supply chain
- Understands what it takes to embed change, and engage employees
- Able to analyse losses, visualize waste and set clear priorities to eliminate waste
- Knowledge and experience of Lean philosophy, concepts and tools
- TPM implementation and application methods, tools and techniques (JIPM way)
- Able to develop tactical implementation plans by pillar to ensure the pillar objectives are achieved.
- Able to audit progress against defined standards and procedures.


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You can apply online, send your CV or call Bui Thi My Tam at this number
+84 028 6288 3888 - Ext 853

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