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Hr2b's client

HR2B's Client is the famous brand in comestic manufacturing and trading.

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Ho Chi Minh
IT - Software
Bui Thi My Tam
Bui Thi My Tam
Tel: +84 028 6288 3888 Ext: 853
1. Set and execute IT operation to meet Company’s business requirement
- Plan, develop, implement and operate systems suitable for business operations based on the concept of total optimization.
- Administrate infrastructures and application servers.
- Set and perform annual maintenance plans for systems to conduct business operations in a stable manner.
- Create and update IT policy and standard operation procedure to ensure IT proper implementation and management.

2. Set and execute effective budget and investment plans based on business needs
- Determine whether investment is necessary for satisfying the needs of the Company or related Departments.
- Set and execute IT investment plans that can realize the maximum effect with the minimum investment if necessary.
- Make proposals for improved business efficiency and upgraded business operations based on movements of IT technology.
- Control and monitor IT assets adequately and effectively

3. Ensure security and business continuity.
- Enforce and ensure all employees to comply with the security policy.
- Properly monitor external cyber attacks or unauthorized access and prevent the occurrence of accidents.
- Monitor internal unauthorized access.
- Control and monitor data in proper manner and prompt data backup/recovery
- Establish emergency measures for serious incidents including natural disasters for the purpose of speedy recovery of the work environment to ensure business continuity.

4. People development
- Nurture members to strive for and to realize continuous improvements.
- Provide appropriate OJT/Off-JT training to members and develop them by assigning them to appropriate jobs based on their capabilities and experience through job performance.


1. Education background
- University Degree in related field

2. Skills
- Expertise in IT system development, operation, and management; Network, windows and server management;
conversance in PCc, SAP/ERP system; project management; requirement analysis;
- The ability of leadership, people management, and time management;
- Ability in English/Japanese business communication;

3. Experience
- 10-years working experience and at least 2-year experience in the same position is required


Contact Information

You can apply online, send your CV or call Bui Thi My Tam at this number
+84 028 6288 3888 - Ext 853

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