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Le Nguyen Giang Huong
Le Nguyen Giang Huong
Tel: +028 6288 3888 Ext: 857
_ Responsible for daily management of the customer service specialist(Vietnamese) team. Guide customer service specialist through field work, avoid customer complaints caused by customer service specialist faults.
_ Responsible for training, motivation, elimination, promotion, communication and other management and emergency public relations events. Responsible for the overall service level, team performance achieving rate.
_ Participate in the formulation and implementation of customer service processes, service standards, work plans, implementation specifications. Adjust and improve timely to meet the requirements of product business information increase, change and process change. Work out training scheme with training supervisors. Provide product training and improve service capabilities for customer service specialist teams. Put forward effective opinions on the business process analysis.
_ Arrange team members on duty and in shifts and make specific shift arrangements. Adjust customer service reception and arrange replacement personnel according to the customer flow volume and the reception capacity. Help employees grow and achieve the goal of exceeding productivity and satisfaction, and do a good job on echelon construction.
_ Responsible for the daily shift management of Vietnamese customer service team. Manage, supervise and evaluate the daily work of customer service specialists. Pay close attention to the work of the specialists. Regard improving the overall service quality as the main purpose.
_ Communicate and coordinate with different departments. Connect with and give feedback to the market, products, technology, etc.
_ Put forward the improvement of the system level from the business point of view. Focus on the prevention of problems and the analysis and solution of the existing problems.


_ Junior college degree or above, more than 5 years experience of customer service management, including more than 3 years experience of customer service supervisor. E-commerce or financial background is necessary.
_ Fluency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing (Vietnamese is a necessary requirement).
_ Proficiency in WORD/EXCEL/PPT/VISIO and other softwares. Strong document editing ability, analysis , summary and reporting ability.
_ Familiar with customer service operation and business process. Strong insight. Good at discovering problems. Sensitive to figures.
_ With Affinity, excellent language skills and communication skills, strong team work ability.
_ Be proactive. Have a strong sense of service, adaptability to changes and ability to deal with on-site problems. Able to deal with emergencies independently.
_ Strong anti-pressure ability and strong sense of responsibility. Passionate in customer service management. Emotional stability. With enthusiastic and optimistic personality. Able to arouse the enthusiasm of team members.
_ Experience in customer service management of well-known e-commerce companies is preferred.


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You can apply online, send your CV or call Le Nguyen Giang Huong at this number
+028 6288 3888 - Ext 857

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